Swissnor GmbH, founded in 2012, is an international consultancy business serving clients world-wide with roots in Switzerland and Norway.

Based on our professional risk experience from industry (petrochemicals, mechanical, utility, food & beverage, pulp and paper, insurance and commodity trading), we assist companies in developing an integrated enterprise risk management solution in order to optimize the risk portfolio, identify natural hedges, create an optimal risk treatment plan, enhance risk culture and facilitate risk reporting throughout the organization.

We can also assist you with quantitative risk modeling such as:
· Calibration of probability density functions with loss data
· Loss forecasting
· Business impact analysis
· Supply chain modeling
· Multi-variable regression modeling
· Modeling of risk interdependencies
· Monte Carlo simulations to assess your earnings variability or capital at risk
· Cost - benefit analysis of risk treatment actions
· Optimization of insurance premium and risk transfer cost

Contact us for an internal training program or efficient risk services designed for your company. This course is designed for board members, business and risk managers, as well as risk specialists responsible for assessing project investment risks. The participants will learn the skills essential for the effective assessment of critical risks in terms of their financial impact, as well as the means to control and to finance hazard and speculative risks.

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