Enterprise Risk Management solutions for global businesses

SWISSNOR offers a dynamic Enterprise Risk management software in a modern web based solution. The software includes the functionalities depicted by ISO 31000 combining risk analytics, incident analysis, quantification of Earnings at Risk, Key Risk Indicator monitoring and reporting features: TERM - Total Enterprise Risk Manager.

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Our mission is to provide private companies and public organizations a forward-looking framework that encourages a culture of performance and enhanced risk awareness.Our goal is to bring Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) to a new level of ease of use, enable broad distribution within organizations and allow a continuous risk management implementation.
November 2015 - Term used by Global Risk Experts for clients in Asia Pacific.
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April 2015 - Technical Collaboration with CodeLab - See more at:
August 2014 - Meteo Risk Response Presentation - Risk Conference IDRC 2014 in Davos
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