Enterprise Risk Management solutions for global businesses

General overview
TERM is an intuitive and user-friendly software with modern GUI and interactive graphics including the functionalities depicted by ISO 31000 to assist the implementation of Governance, Risk management, and Compliance (GRC) principles and processes into its culture and operations. TERM provides value for its stakeholders by addressing threats and opportunities and by integrating risk management with the strategic planning process. TERM helps to maximize the risk information flow within the enterprise, ensures effective monitoring and reporting, facilitates compliance with laws and regulations, and helps avoid damage to the enterprise’s reputation and associated consequences.

TERM includes several functionalities and solutions which help management to achieve company performance and profitability targets by:
• enhancing employee and customer health & safety
• improving risk management competencies throughout your organisation
• optimizing risk in view of your tolerance and appetite
• reducing insurance premiums and optimizing transfer costs based on loss history and exposure level
• improving business resilience
• reducing earnings volatility to optimize risk-adjusted returns
Better measurement and understanding of risk gives organizations more confidence about making strategic decisions to build the business
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