Enterprise Risk Management solutions for global businesses

Together we optimise your risk management solution

Global Risk Experts AG, Swiss-based Risk Management service provider to all stakeholders along the Risk Management value chain from an operational vulnerability perspective. Global Risk Experts and Swissnor offer complementary risk management services to the same niche industrial customers for an optimal value proposition. -

BTR Consulting is a business and risk consulting company based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, offering a broad range of services to help organizations all the way from crafting strategic plans to designing and implementing customized solutions that Create Value, Rationalize Costs and Minimize Risks for our clients in meeting their goals. BTR Consulting and Swissnor have joined efforts and the partnership will focus on risk consulting, sales and licensing of the ERM software solution, TERM, for corporate customers for helping them achieving an optimal risk management solution.

Feedback Dialog Ltd helps the stakeholders to accept and embrace changes to implement optimal measures to improve the risk and safety management in their business environment. For a company operating globally, it is not enough to give risk treatment actions to describe what needs to be done. How risk management is implemented locally is left up to the various sites, and there can be significant differences in the way the measures are put into operation due to cultural adaptations. The Hofstede model is a reliable and efficient tool to provide a unique insight into an organization's capital and to implement changes more successfully, The approach is used to shifting individuals, teams, and organizations from a current state to a desired future state. Feedback Dialog and Swissnor have teamed up to help you assess company culture and propose action plans supporting change management and risk awareness. “Our partnership with Swissnor is a perfect fit for an optimal risk management solution to our clients and joint value propositions for enhancing enterprise risk culture and business performance.” Dr. Tapani Savolainen, Executive Vice President, FeedbackDialog Ltd. -

Catapult Capital GmbH is a financial consulting and interim management company, active primarily in the fields of advising companies on how to accelerate growth and how to best realize their entrepreneurial visions including integrated preparation for the realization of the company. The Catapult Capital and the Swissnor Team work together for the purpose of accelerating its sales and partnership activities throughout Europe. -