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November 2015

Asia Pacific
Global Risk Experts

Global Risk Experts started using Total Enterprise Risk Manager (TERM) for the support, monitoring and reporting of risk activities for their client base in Asia Pacific.

October 2015

Planet At Risk
Meteo Risk Response article

Our joint risk management approach “Meteo Risk Response©: A smart approach to manage weather related exposures” was published in Planet@Risk, 2(3): 1-4, 2015

April 2015

Technical development

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Codelab AS based in Norway and Swissnor GmbH initiated a collaboration for the further development and IT support of Total Enterprise Risk Manager. CodeLab is a Norwegian Company founded in 2013 specialized in advanced software development.

August 2014

MRR Presentation
Risk Conference IDRC 2014
in Davos

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Together with Global Risk Experts and MeteoGroup Schweiz AG, we presented the Meteo Risk Response solution at the 5th International Disaster and Risk Conference IDRC 2014 in Davos.

August 2014

Meteo Risk Response
Website is launched

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Meteo Risk Response is a Joint Venture of three Specialist Companies in the fields of Risk Management, IT Solutions and one of the leading global Weather Services:

Global Risk Experts AG
SwissNor GmbH
MeteoGroup Schweiz AG

January 2014

Monograph in SOA
Society of Actuaries

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The paper submitted to the 2013 ERM Symposium was selected to be published as a Monograph produced by the SOA - Society of Actuaries.
The article can be found here:

November 2013

Meteo Risk Response

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Read more about the project here.
SwissNor enters a joint initiative for a new approach to weather related exposures. An integrated new risk management approach for weather related (flood and storm) exposures to optimize the risk portfolio in a dynamic way has been developed and is offered by MRR. The developed proposition is a joint effort of three specialist companies, namely: Meteomedia - MM International – the weather factory, GREX – Global Risk Experts and SwissNor.

November 2013

SwissNor releases TERM 2.0
(Key Risk Indicators)

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Screenshot of the new Key Risk Indicator Chart
TERM 2.0 is released with support for monitoring Key Risk Indicators from external data sources. A Key Risk Indicator, also known as a KRI, is a measure used in management to indicate how risky an activity is. KRI give us an early warning to identify potential event that may harm continuity of the activity/project.

October 2013

SwissNor releases TERM 1.6
(Theming / Excel export)

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Screenshot of the Risk Matrix with the new color style.
TERM 1.6 is released with support for exporting data to excel. The new version also have support for color themeing and a new theme was made based on the Magma article.

October 2013

MAGMA Article

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A paper on optimization of the enterprise risk portfolio by SwissNor was published in the Norwegian magazine MAGMA.
The article can be found here:

August 2013

SwissNor signs contract in India.

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A business partner agreement with A. J. Jhumkhawala & Associates was closed in order to cover the market demand of TERM in India and the Middle East region.

August 2013

SwissNor releases TERM 1.5
(Incident linking)

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Screenshot of Loss History from a single risk scenario.
TERM 1.5 is released with incident linking to risk scenarios. This makes it easier to keep track of the actual losses for each risk scenario and monitor the effect of implemented recommendations.

July 2013

SwissNor releases TERM 1.4
(Email integration, Custom Distribution)

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Screenshot of the Discrete Custom Distribution Setup.
TERM 1.4 is released with email integration, Discrete Custom Distribution for Risk Scenario loss and also a new Risk Scenario Loss Chart. TERM is now enabled with support for email notifications on special events and recovering lost password etc. A custom distribution was made to better predict the loss for risk scenarios used in Monte Carlo simulations. A new Scenario Loss chart was made for visualization of expected losses for all Risk Scenarios.

April 2013

2013 ERM Symposium Chigago.
SwissNor article

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The following paper submitted to the 2013 ERM Symposium, Chicago, gives insights to an integrated ERM approach:

April 2013

SwissNor signs contract in Argentina.

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BTR Consulting and SwissNor have joined efforts and the partnership will focus on risk consulting, sales and licensing of the ERM software solution, TERM, for corporate customers for helping them achieving an optimal risk management solution in the South American market.

January 2013

SwissNor releases TERM 1.3
(Loss Distribution)

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Screenshot showing Normal Distribution.
TERM 1.3 is released with loss distributions for risk scenarios used in Monte Carlo simulations. Four distributions are available: Normal, Constant, Unirform and Triangular.

November 2012

SwissNor signs contract in Swizerland

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Catapult Capital and the Swissnor Team work together for the purpose of accelerating its sales and partnership activities throughout Europe.

September 2012

SwissNor releases TERM 1.2
(Monte Carlo + Correlations)

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Screenshot showing results from a Monte Carlo run.
TERM 1.2 is released with a Monte Carlo simulation Module including functionality to set up correlations between Risk Scenarios. Monte Carlo simulation can be used to model the distribution of the earnings variability over a time period by running multiple simulations.

June 2012

NFKR conference

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Holmenkollen Rica Park
7-8 June 2012
SwissNor participated as an exhibitor at Norsk Forening for Kvalitet og Risikostyring’s annual conference in Oslo.

June 2012

SwissNor releases TERM 1.1

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Term 1.1 is released with translation support. Currently Norwegian and English is supported.

January 2012

SwissNor releases TERM 1.0
(Initial Version)

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Screenshot showing the risk matrix in the first version of TERM.
SwissNor is proud to present TERM - Total Enterprise Risk Manager. Built on top of a modern Web Framework Vaadin ( and with built in options for cloud hosting. The software includes the functionalities depicted by ISO 31000 combining risk analytics, incident analysis, quantification of Earnings at Risk and reporting features.

Januar 2012

SwissNor is Founded

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