Enterprise Risk Management solutions for global businesses

EGRC Platform Capabilities
Basic description of EGRC Platform capabilities included with the basic platform SKU

Risk Management - Focus on potential loss scenarios, prioritization of risk, indication of critical risk controls to be continuously monitored, incident tracking and reporting, increased profitability by sorting risk treatment actions by NPV, optimization of risk transfer cost, reduction of cash flow and earnings volatility and improvement of risk information flow across the organization

Audit Management – assist in finding critical business areas to audit and its planning (what to include, how to proceed); assist in the post-audit phase in documenting the results and finding treatment actions, follow-up and reporting

Compliance and Policy Management – TERM enables to define compliance-related risk scenarios and capture compliance-related incidents; TERM enables the customer to link policies and procedures and associate them with related risks and controls.

Regulatory Change Management – the Business Impact Analysis tool included in TERM can be used to carry out a regulatory impact analysis across the organization.

Case Management – TERM is created to reduce duplications of risk exposures by consolidating into groups by business units, geographical region, business impact group, in order to efficiently identify unique risk patterns and risk clusters across the enterprise.
Better measurement and understanding of risk gives organizations more confidence about making strategic decisions to build the business
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